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    (3) Containers , 22 Sets Welding Positioner delivered on 24th,Apr, 2019

    Beginning of the year 2019 , we got 22sets welding positioner order, due to the Chinese new year , delivery time delayed.

    Welding Positioner loading capacity is from 1000kg to 5000kg, and our max positioner capacity can be 50Ton. All the welding positioner can equip with 3 jaws or 4 jaws chuck, max diameter to 1600mm.

    We shipped those positioners to Montreal, Canada / Perth, Australia / Bangkok, Thailand / Rotterdam Netherlands, so of them are our dealer , some of them are the end user.

    Our Welding Positioner advantage:

    1. Eletrical match with CE certificate, include electrical components , cable wiring,etc

    2. All the welding positioner start from 600kg , we all use slewing ring , ensure the rotation capacity.

    3. The rotation gearbox, we adopt Helical gear reducer to make sure there is no gap between the faceplate table.

    4. The roation gearbox with cooling fan , and the tilting gearbox with braker.

    5. E-stop switch install side of the machine, make sure the safty.

    For more information, please send inquiry to jason.wang@500彩票安卓手机版





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    Post time: Apr-25-2019
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