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    Engineering Project in Dhaka,Bangladesh


    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Date: 7th,Augest 2016

    Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Project name: H-beam Production line

    Detailed description: We know each other start from 2014 , at the first time , Jahid asked us to make a quote for the H-beam production line , which include CNC flame cutting machine , H-beam assembling machine ,H-beam gantry welding machine and H-beam straightening machine.After quoted to Jahid , we communicated on Whatsapp. At the beginning of 2015, Jahid finally visited us in Wuxi , then placed the first order to us.The payment will be LC of course. After they got the machine , we sent Mr.Chen to their workshop to do the installation . At the beginning of 2016, Jahid visited us again , and placed the second H-beam production line.  After that we sent another experienced engineer Mr.Zang to Dhaka to help ALM do the installation.

    Our director and ALM director Jahid became very close friends due to the relationship grows up. We are very amazed that the words from Jahid, he said: "Jason , luckily we have you500彩票安卓手机版r support in China, we like to do the business with you500彩票安卓手机版 ,because you500彩票安卓手机版 always do the after service as you500彩票安卓手机版r promised." We are very happy that Jahid said to us because of our urgent after service. So Jahid also authorize us to purchase other machine from China.

    I think it's verified a sentence,Sincere and firm belief in dedication has won the trust of the market and customer。

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